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Construction Cleaning to Be Your Professional Best

Site cleanup that makes a safer, more productive construction environment

When you bring in LETS to take care of start-to-finish construction site cleanup, not only will we help your site be safer and more productive, but you'll never have to worry about it looking scrappy and disheveled because we:

Pick up, remove, and recycle

Pick up all garbage and scrap material and either remove or recycle it. We recycle wood, plastic, cardboard, paper, and all other recyclable materials.

Broom sweep-outs and vacuum

Broom sweep-outs then high-power vacuum to remove loose sawdust in grooves and between walls. These steps also help you avoid mice and insect infestation and nesting in your building.

We schedule 3 complete sweep-outs and vacuum:

- Prior to electrical inspection
- Before you paint to get the dust out of the air and off the walls
- Before you lay carpet so the underlying surfaces will be dust-free and clean

Site walk through

Inspect entire site to ensure all areas are debris free and there are no abnormal or unexpected items to report. If we do find anything out of the norm, we report it to you immediately so it can be fixed before it becomes a potential cost or hazard.

In addition to a thorough, site-wide cleanup and inspection, we're on call for you at all times - even for urgent or last-minute calls that require immediate cleanup of a mess or hazard.

When you use our construction site cleanup services, you'll look better than your competitors whose construction site may start to like the city dump after a few weeks on the job - with garbage and hazardous bombshells everywhere and a mounting problem that no one wants to deal with ... especially you.

Ensure a safer, more productive working environment for you and your entire crew. Be sure every person who visits your site sees a clean, well-ordered project that will help to uphold your professional reputation.

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Broom sweep-outs and vacuum

"Linda's service is integral to obtaining the look we need to successfully build and sell, especially in a down market.

A big part of building spec houses is its overall appearance. It's extremely important to keep it clean and presentable inside and out at all times. Accessibility is also very important because if there's a lot of debris around, it's hard for prospective buyers to look and inspect the house.

Many of our competitors don't understand or value the importance of a cleanup services like LETS, so that gives us an advantage. We have a better reputation from our presentation.

We've been very satisfied with Linda. She's a good communicator and has an excellent work ethic with a strong team that keeps our sites very clean."

Ken Brodeck, VP
Triad Home

LETS Haul Away Truck