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Are You Sure Your Construction Site Helps Your Reputation?

Here's an easy way to make sure every project makes the best impression

Which of the following applies to your construction site (check all that apply):

There's trash, scraps, and other debris getting in everyone's way, especially my workers.

I need to make sure the site looks presentable and professional every day since owners and lead project managers could drop by at any time.

The house is finished, but it's full of dust inside and out. It should have a thorough, final clean before the owners move into their brand new dream home.

If you answered yes to any of the problems above, you may be overlooking an important part of your business that - unbeknown to you - your clients and associates actually expect.

Having a clean, safe construction site and a spotless finished product is not only expected, it's essential when upholding a professional, top-rate building operation - and your reputation.

Imagine never having to worry about building debris and garbage getting in the way of production or appear disheveled to key people that need to be impressed by your work.

When you hire LETS Construction Cleaning Service in Bend, Oregon, you're getting the only company within hundreds of miles that specializes in true end-to-end commercial construction site cleanup, janitorial and construction final clean.

We make sure you have a clean, safe construction site so that your entire team can be more productive and the owners see your professionalism and attention to detail.

When construction is complete, the house or office is almost ready for move-in - but not quite. It needs a thorough final clean - inside and out, including power wash and window polishing - so those who will move don't have to clean one thing. And isn't that what they expect? It's certainly what they will notice and appreciate.

You can't put a price on an owner moving into his or her newly built, clean home that's truly move-in ready and the complete satisfaction that will make a lasting impression on YOUR job well done.

Our specialized team provides every kind of clean you need - from daily construction site cleanup, final clean, power washing, window washing, landscaping and day laborers, and more.

If you need clean, we can help!

Call (541) 408-5086 or email today for construction cleaning services in Bend, Oregon that can be scheduled this week or at your most convenient start time. We're as flexible as you need us to be.

"All of our recycling, waste management, job site cleanup, dump truck rental, and final cleaning has always been piecemeal and kind of hodgepodge. We'd have to find one person to do the final clean, another company to do the sweep outs, another to do the power wash, windows, and so on. The man hours money we were spending over the course of a job were adding up substantially - not to mention the frustration - to get what Linda provides in one phone call... one simple line item.

Now, her part in our operation relieves us of those tasks and helps us stay focused on getting the house built. Not only is construction cleaning much simpler and more streamlined, it's a better value with Linda. When you add up all the pieces, it ends up costing quite a bit more. So we're actually able to cut costs by hiring Linda's complete line of services. I'd recommend her all day long."

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