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Bonded and Insured by the Construction Contractors Board

Hire the best. Don't make these common mistakes

When you hire any construction-related service provider - even for cleaning - make sure they are licensed and bonded for your own protection. At LETS Construction Cleaning Services, we take this important best practice very serious and always provide you this protection by only offering services that are licensed and bonded.

"Bonded" means that the contractor has posted a surety bond with the Construction Contractors Board (CCB) as required by law.

"Insured" means that the contractor has provided proof of general liability insurance to the CCB at the time of licensing or insurance renewal as required by law.

Always verify the contractor is actively licensed. This means the contractor can legally work in Oregon, has a surety bond, provided proof of liability insurance at the time of application and insurance renewal, and assures you access to the Construction Contractors Board (CBB) Dispute Resolution Process.

Here are common mistakes you don't want to make:

Automatically accepting the lowest bid
The old saying "you get what you pay for" applies here! Don't just look at the lowest bid. Make sure you're hiring the best - the most reliable, professionally sound, quality service provider that is bonded and insured, and has many years experience and proof of exceptional work and reputation.

You get all this and more when you hire LETS Construction Cleaning Services!

No written contract
A written contract protects you and the service provider. It's required that all construction-related agreements be committed to a written contract if the price exceeds $2000. The CCB recommends that all agreements, including all changes to the contract, be in writing.

LETS Construction Cleaning Services always writes a mutually agreed upon service contract so we both use this important best practice in the exchange of hired services. Our contracts clearly describe the scope of work and expectations so there are no surprises and no disappointments. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. Work is always guaranteed when you use LETS.

Not checking that the service is bonded and insured
To be legal and in check with current laws and best practices in the construction business, insurance is required for any construction-related service that advertises, offers, bids, arranges for, or performs any construction-related work. Hiring services that are not bonded and insured can result in unexpected costs, ugly lawsuits, and the consumer - YOU - getting the short end of the deal.

At LETS, we care that you safeguard your position by hiring a bonded and insured service provider. We've seen all too often the unfortunate and sometimes long, drawn out costly situations that can arise when your don't make sure you hire contractor's that are bonded and insured. That's why we go the extra mile and extra expense every year to renew our insurance policies and bonded backing.

Not checking references
Always check with previous customers. Were they satisfied with the work? Was the work finished within a reasonable and expected time frame? Did the contractor return phone calls, follow through, and resolve issues in a timely manner? If the person had problems with the contractor, ask how the contractor responded to complaints. Make sure you look at the contractor's work history, work samples, and customer testimonials.

LETS Construction Cleaning Services is proud to have the best reputation in Central Oregon for construction site cleanup and final clean services. We work hard to earn that coveted place in the hearts and minds of our customers. We welcome you to check our references, background, and talk with any of our satisfied customers who use us time and time again, year after year, decade after decade.

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LETS Construction Cleaning Services is proud to be bonded and insured by the Construction Contractors Board